Sunday, February 18, 2007

Have you ever had the dream when ...

Have you ever had the dream when you show up for your final exam in your underwear? I haven't. But I does seem to me that reality is creeping into my dreams more and more. Reality meaning real world events more so than realism. As background information, Saturday, i was volunteering at the BVC. There was also SDP on Saturday, in which I was not a participating. This is the dream of Friday night. In parenthesis are relations to the "real" world.

I am getting ready to go to BVC (future event). I look in my laundry basket (non-existent). I see my blue jeans (real) on top. I know that I am not supposed to wear jeans (real - subject of past jocularity). Next scene, I am in the BVC laundry facility (non-existent) wearing only a pair of red, satin boxers (non-existent, I swear) desperately looking for a pair of pants. Then I remember that some of the participants - no pun intended, not even I would stoop that low, well, maybe i would - of SDP(real) would be coming to BVC (real - people looking for rides on announce). Perhaps I could find somebody to bring me a pair of pants. So, I start calling people who I think might be coming. I made several tries with no luck. Then I call A's cell phone (real person). But, L answers it (real person). Then I look out across the green grass and walking on the red tile (real, but, geographically misleading) is S and L talking on the cell phone. The End.

For those who like closure, I am sad to say that, this issue did not get resolved in dreamland.



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